I was fortunate enough to sneak away in the school holidays with the family in tow for a delightful week on the Central Coast.  We stayed at the most luxurious and yet family friendly resort-come hideaway called the Star Of The Sea.  A huge thank you to Bob and Anne for being gracious hosts and making us and most importantly, the children, feel right at home.

So, it turns out you can take the quilter on holidays but you can’t take her without the quilting.  I had got wind of a patchwork and quilting fair at Wyong and snuck out one morning for a look – actually, the boys didn’t even notice we girls were gone as they were blinded by the fishing store down the road!

It was a nice show and the local quilting exhibition featured some amazing work but the highlight for me was at a little table downstairs in the middle of the room.  A quite unassuming lady sat with some needleturn samples spread out in front of her, she was all alone looking at a Quilters Companion.  As I approached I realised it was Margo Hardie, recent winner at the Houston Quilt Fair who was featured in that magazine.  And no, she didn’t have the quilt with her, but she did have a new one on hand she is working on. We sat and talked for quite a while and to say I was star struck is an understatement.  She talked about her Houston trip, and didn’t seem to grasp what all the fuss was about.  She showed us her new works, some of the equipment she uses and how she navigates her way through such enormous projects, her passion and energy were inspiring.  Some of her needleturn quilts were featured in the quilt show and they are just extraordinary!

A big thank you to Margo for sharing her time and allowing me to have a little celebrity moment – i am still buzzing.


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