By now most have you have received your planners in the mail.  The feedback I am getting has been wonderful.  Each email I receive just makes my day! So Thank You so much.

Some of you have said to me that you are too scared to write in your planners and are a little worried about making a mistake.  I have put some thought into this and can totally understand where you are coming from.  I just wanted to share with you my little tip to get started with your planner.

This is step one

The first thing I did was a brainstorm on a blank piece of paper of the projects I would like to complete next year. 

Then, I found myself a 2021 Calendar (a wall calendar or any other type with month to a page would be fine), and I started to fill in the monthly calendar pages with a loose plan of how those projects might unfold over the year.

Straight away this step takes the pressure right off, no need to fill out those project pages in your beautiful new planner straight away!

So, you may be totally confident about your projects and know exactly what they are and when you will be completing them – great,  fill them in and take a photo for us to see! For those of you who are a little hesitant and have a little pen-to-the-planner trepidation, let’s start with this first step. 

1. Put some thought into those projects you want to complete next year.

2. Fill out a 2021 calendar with your ideas following your ‘ideal’ time frame.

The next step will be to transfer that information to your Fabric Sauce Creative Planner!

I know a couple of people have bought a friction pen to fill out their planner so they are able to rub it out if they make a mistake. Great idea!

I hope to be back with more hints and tips about the planner in coming weeks.

And remember, the planner is there to be used – there are notes and brainstorming pages for this exact purpose so don’t be scared about putting pen to the planner, those messy brainstorming sessions are all a part of the creation process, right?!

Happy Planning

Mandy x