Hello & Welcome

Hello……. Is anybody out there?

This blogging thing is kind of like talking to yourself, and Mum always said that was OK, as long as you didn’t start answering yourself…hmmm.

Anyway, WELCOME TO FABRIC SAUCE. If you have found your way here, I am hoping it is due to a mutual love of all things patchwork and quilting.

I am here to fulfill all your fabric needs and to all of you patchwork addicts, for we are loud and proud, you can think of me as your enabler! Unfortunately I fear I may be the biggest addict of all, with this whole website is just an excuse to feed my own addiction!

Hopefully this will work out to be a win-win situation for us all.
Can’t wait to meet you all and happy stitching.


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Hello and welcome to Fabric Sauce. Fabric Sauce is an online store supplying patchwork and quilting products all over Australia.

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