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by annie Double Slide Handbag Zipper White 30"

Dobule Slide Handbag Zip White 30" by annie.com
SKU: ZIP30-100
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Manufacturer: By Annie.com

These hard-to-find nylon-coil zippers are perfect for bags and carriers.

Here's why we prefer them:

  • The wide zipper tape makes insertion easy.

  • Unlike zippers with chunky, molded polyester teeth, these handbag zippers are soft and flexible, making them easy to sew through. (No more broken needles!)

  • The nylon coil is strong and durable zip after zip.

  • The double slide lets you open your bag from either end.

  • The double slide also enables you to make two single-slide zippers. For example, if you only need an 18" single-slide zipper for your project, you'll still have a 12" single-slide zipper left for another project. Visit  annie's blog for instructions.
  • We stock these 30-inch double-slide zippers in many colours to help you find just the right color for your project.

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